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Seo Analyst





2 years of experience in digital marketing agencies.

2 years of experience in similar positions.


Create articles and/or any type of content that adds value to a blog associated with an informative or commercial website. To do so, he coordinates with his Webmaster, Designer and Copywriter, the times and needs of each client.

He optimizes the text contents of a website, so that the texts are natural for both Google and other search engines, optimized to the maximum in order to achieve a good positioning in each of them.

You must have a great knowledge on the subject of links, know how to create them and take advantage of them in the best way, considering that they are an important part of web positioning.

Avoid Google penalties and in case they occur, solve them in relation to their quality of content, advertising, links, among others.

Finally, improve client metrics for greater visibility on Google.


Graduates of careers related to the position (marketing, advertising, public relations).

It is essential to have taken courses or specialization in SEO or SEM.

Advanced knowledge of Google Ads.

Intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics.

Intermediate level dashboard management.

Current Google certifications.

High level of proactivity.

Ability to analyze and control reactive situations.

High organizational and planning skills.

Teamwork approach and customer orientation.

Availability to work in a hybrid way.